New World’s Richest Man Elon Musk with $190 Billion as Vegas May Give Him More Fortune

Moving over to the CEO of Amazon, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has become the world’s richest person and the information become authentic and official last Thursday. The man is now looking forward to transforming Las Vegas transportation. Forbes traces that Musk’s net value has reached $189.7 billion, and it is around $4 billion more than that of the founder of Amazon.

Musk’s uptick to the top of the chart of the world’s richest men has been already phenomenal. In March of the last year, Musk was also highly wealthy then, however, his total worth at the beginning of the Covid-19 was merely about $24.6 billion. It means his total asset has hiked up nearly about seven times in the last ten months.

While Musk is mostly known for his contribution to Car builder Tesla and personal aerospace transportation company SpaceX, he has also founded TBC, the Boring Company. This company has finished work on an underground tunnel that is to take visitors across Convention Center in Las Vegas.

This underground tunnel uses self-driving, high-speed Tesla vehicles to carry conventioneers from one edge of the Convention Center to another. What could take around 15 minutes sauntering will take merely a minute in that loop.

Vegas Desires More from Musk

The Board of Directors of LVCVA is scheduled to have the first meeting in 2021 on Tuesday. On the agenda of this meeting will be a couple of contracts with TBC.

The first contract would approve the management of CVA to ink a deal granting The Boring Company to run the Convention Center Loop for around 16 months initiating from Feb 1. The amount for that contract is not to go beyond $6.25 million.

Last month, The City Council of Las Vegas had agreed upon the proceeding forward with the project.

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