No Signs of Industry Recovery Showed in the GGR Report of Macau March

Game of Fortune’s revenue figures of China Macau for March released by the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau. And the reports posted that Mop 8.31 billion ($1.04 billion) is the gross gaming revenue (GGR).

Far from Pre-Termination Levels

In February, the Macau Gaming Industry generated an increase GGR of 13.6 per cent to the Mop 7.31 billion. But in January, only a 3.5 per cent increase of the MOP 8.02 billion posted.

Before the casino’s closure the last month, the compared revenue in January 2020 is Mop 22.13 billion in GGR. The long-awaited rebound of the industry is not happening, according to the latest figures.

The Gaming bureau’s accumulated gross revenue measure is at MOP 23.64 billion, and the amount is not up to the mark. In 2020, the cumulative revenue was 22.5 per cent less than MOP 30.49 billion. Due to the 2020 revenue majority, which is MOP 22.13 billion, this could be a misleading comparison. Theis revenue generated in February before the closures of the casino.

2020 Reflection

To curb the coronavirus infection at a different time for 15 days, the Macau casinos closed the doors. But even after the business, they are re-opened but could not grow much due to various coronavirus restrictions. China’s government-imposed regulations and different limits of global travelling led to gambling hub access restrictions. These restrictions hindered pace for the casinos and the entire year’s financial performance impacted materially.

According to the report of 2021, some of the staffs in Macau asked to take leave on an unpaid basis, and Casino operators do this. The operators in different casinos tried to make soft the coronavirus outbreak effect.

In 2020, Macau’s gambling industry experienced its worst year, according to the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau’s released revenue report. Compared to the revenue of MOP 292.45 billion of the year before, the payment crashed down to MOP 60.44 billion to 79.3 per cent.

In Macau and Singapore, the casino properties operated by Sands China, Las Vegas Sands Asian Subsidiary.


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