On Illegal Gambling Linked to Mafia Italian Authorities Clamp Down

To fight against illegal gambling and organized crime, the Italian authorities set up a Double Game criminal investigation. So far, restrictive measures applied to 23 people and seized $95.8 million. Italian Mafioso alleged to use the Wirecard processed payment.

Organized Criminal Syndicate and Illegal Gambling

Illegal gambling has linked to organized crime clamped down by the Italian authorities while conducting a criminal investigation. Named the investigation as “Double Game”, through this Double Game investigation, Sicily’s Cosa Nostra’s 23 peoples are waiting for the restrictive measures, and the seized amount is $95.8 million.

12 of the 23 people in Jail facing pre-trial detention, according to the Italian News Agency ANSA. Moreover, nine restricted from engaging in commercial activity, and under house arrest, there are two.

In Catania, the Santapaola-Ercolano Mafia faction alleged by the investigation that the faction run RaiseBet24.com, which is an illegal gaming website. Recently the site has been under many inspections because, in Italy, its location does not have the

authorization to run, yet on Malta’s server, the website is active.

Other gambling site offers typical payment methods instead this website in betting encourages people to use cash. That money used by the mafia later, the investigation claims, to launder the money in Italy, Poland, and Germany to buy companies.

Money Laundering in Europe

For several crimes such as aggravated fraud, illegal wagering, murder, loan sharking, tax evasion, and many more ‘Ndrangheta is under investigation by the Italian mafia organization authority. Ranging from Sicily to Malta, currently, the suspect in these crimes are 356 people.

Using Wirecard for money laundering purportedly, the syndicate is under investigation. In Europe, 80 percent of the cocaine supply controlled by criminal organizations and illegal gambling is deep.

Ndrangheta criminal organization and CentruionBet’s partnership also alleged lightly by the Italian investigation. To launder millions of dollars, the Wirecard payment process used by the syndicate reportedly.

Anti-money laundering (AML) procedures need to follow strict rules, and that’s why the law is required by Wirecard, just like a traditional bank. With another Malta gambling business, the payment processor worked, and many more illegal activities and enterprises are connected to the Maltese Gambling Business.

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