On Suspicious Bets to Receive Alerts MGA Launches Platform

A new platform has launched by the Malta Gaming Authority through which the sports betting operators will allow reporting the suspicious activity. MGA’s Sports Integrity Units developed it. Through a portal, the company’s problematic issues through the mechanism of suspicious betting reporting.

MGA Launches New Platform

In 2020, MGA’s planning part was this launch in which the regulator intended to enlarge observing the online betting and gambling sector.

From January 1, 2021, to all the licensed operators, the new feature will officially be available, but to undergo a testing and transition phase, this becomes introduced newly.

Regarding the suspicious bets, Sports Integrity Units aim to gather information which founded in August 2019.

After the publication of the consultation documents on a suspicious bet, the SBRM platform appears, and it requires reporting on other matters of sports integrity in May this year. In July, the International Betting Integrity Association praised the article.

Besides, in recent months the sports integrity network of MGA has strengthened. Various sports entities of national and international MGA shared the partnership of data-sharing.

These agreements include the Swedish Football Association (SFF), the International Cricket Council (ICC), the Darts Regulatory Authority and the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association (WPBSA).

Malta Gaming Authority Details

From the iGaming market structure of traditional casinos, the gaming industry has evolved. To increase the interactivity of the players, MGA features high-tech innovations and anytime, anywhere make the game available.

In legal parameters definition, new challenges brought by these developments. As such, the corporate structure and practical legislative importance increasingly recognized by the regulators.

For this reason, MGA aims to ensure that the game is free from fraud and crimes by intensifying the efforts of international collaboration.

Through the MGA’s introduced platform, operators can soon report if they suspect any suspicious sports betting activity. This problematic issue is now available to solve quickly through this platform. In 2020, by launching this platform, MGA took a significant step to expand monitoring on the online betting and gambling sector. All the licensed operators will get the benefit of this new feature.


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