On the Hook for Legal Fees, Postle Dismissed Lawsuit

Mike Postle decided to dismiss all charges against everyone and stated that he had enough of legal battles. The people who sullied his name is getting relief from the legal actions as to dismiss charges he filed a motion.

Against a dozen people and Veronica Brill, he filed the defamation case and now to dismiss the case, Mike Postle file away a motion.

On behalf of Todd Wittles to claim the legal fee, the court set a hearing though the court dismissed the case. In counselling Mike Postle, HONR Network shows particular interest, and it appears.

Defamation Lawsuit Ditched by Postle

On the day of April Fool, he filed the motion and following the action, California’s superior court discharged the defamation lawsuit of Mike Postle. In the last year’s October, against Veronica Brill and others, Mike Postle filed a defamation lawsuit. To sustain his reputation and poker career, he was seeking damage of $330 million. The allegations against Postal was that at California’s Stones Gambling Hall, he somehow defrauded his opponents.

In the case against Postle, a settlement agreement followed by the defamation lawsuit. From further litigation to free Mike Postle, out of 88, there are 60 plaintiffs agreed. However, Veronica Bill was the first who filed an amended complaint and accused Postal of Cheating publicly.

Against the defendants, all the prejudice allegations dismissed by the Eastern District California’s Judge William B. Shubb. In November, the left-over plaintiffs’ allegations been rejected by Judge Shubb as there was no rewritten complaint.

Legal Fees

The latest action of Mike Postle to dismiss the case against everyone ended. But the fact is that the parties against whom he filed the lawsuit incurred a substantial legal fee, and now they are claiming it. To file a case against Postle and their defense, the parties already hired a prominent lawyer and filed an anti-SLAPP motion case. At the same time, Postle’s legal counsellors, Attorney Steven Lowe, released him.

Mike Postle gets connected to the HONR Network, and this is another exciting development of this case.


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