Oshidori joins Mohegan Gaming & Entertainment to compete in Nagasaki IR

In a joint effort to acquire an integrated resort (IR) license in the Nagasaki Prefecture Mohegan Gaming&Entertainment has formed a partnership with Oshidori International Development GK.

Oshidori will engage in Nagasakis IR in Mohegan Gaming & Entertainment

Oshidori is a Japanese company founded in Sasebo City, Nagasaki, to construct an integrated resort. It belongs to the Oshidori International Holdings investment group.

IR developer and operator Mohegan said that it is working together to build an IR of world standard and create a vibrant community to transform Nagasaki into a luxury destination for travellers and residents.

In the wake of the bidding process to be carried out in the summer and autumn of 2021, the next IR project will be carried out in Nagasaki Prefecture.

Alex Yemenidjian, president and chief officer of Oshidori, said, “We’re proud to partner with MGE in this vital opportunity for growth.

“We are honored to work with Oshidori International and draw on their team’s unique experience in this IR license offering in one of the worlds most growing markets,” said Mohegan Chief Executive Officer Mario Kontomerver. Mario Kontomerkos said.

Kontomerkos added that he figured the entire island of Kyushu would benefit from the IR.

In July 2018, amid strong opposition in Japan’s parliament, a law allowed for the construction of integrated resort casinos in Japan.

The IRs construction rules, including hotel size limits, conference facilities, and exhibition centres, were brought forward in March 2019 and a law requiring that gambling facilities not cover over 3 per cent of the property’s total floor space.

In September 2019, a public consultation on the regulations was launched to allow people to vote on the controls proposed.

In response to a study started in June 2020, 89.4% of companies that considered bidding for one of the 3 IR licenses in Japan indicated that their work on the process was affected by the latest coronavirus pandemic (Covid 19).

After all, nearly half said that they remained committed to the project and that their trust in the scheme was not altered despite the disruption. Another 12% said they wanted to bid more for a license now than before the pandemic.


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