Partnering with JuegaEnLinea BETBY Enhances Its LatAm Presence

A sportsbook software Mata-based and provider of the platform is Betby. Betby, through a partnership with JuegaEnLinea, rolls out a complete solution. Through a new partnership with JuegaEnLinea, Betby expands its LatAm presence, annually offering events over 600,000 sports.

Betby’s reach will extend to the countries like Chile, Ecuador, and Peru through this new partnership. To get the best user experience, Betby’s latest functionally upgraded layout will use by JuegaEnLinea.

In Latin, America Betby Extends its Reach

Latin America’s customers of JuegaEnLinea will get access to the complete solution of Betby through this new partnership. Annually the provider offers sports events more than 60,000. The latest layout of the provider provides a high-quality user experience with pins for players and customization widgets. JuegaEnLinea will use the high-quality user experience and latest configuration of the providers.


Leonid Persovskiy, CEO of Betby, stated that as to JuegaEnLinea, they take the complete collection, they are delighted. Moreover, they are happy as its reach extends to Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, and Chile. He said that for an exciting new market the company is looking for and in LatAm, the company finds the chance to enhance its presence. Betby’s sportsbook layout will live with the customers, and the deal happened for the first time.

In 2021 BETBY’s Latest Expansion

Betby will deliver its Betby. Games, the AI-led esports collection. From soccer to tennis, basketball and some other unique offers and a wide range of sports covered in its titles. In 2021, the latest Betby expansion is the agreement. The company recently integrated with Starfish Media, and thus the company is preserving its moment. To expand the worldwide presence, the provider is looking forward.

Jarvis Perez, the General Manager of JuegaEnLinea, said that everything according to the operator’s desire, the Betby could offer. To attract more customers, a unique offering to JuegaEnLinea will provide by Betby.Games besides the collection of cutting-edge products.

From the new partnership, the company predicts the result, Perez said that.

Recently the functionality upgrades of UX-focused announced by Betby. To improve the quality of the site interface, the design made. Moreover, a better engagement and user experience gained from the new feature.


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