Peru Government has Ordered its Casinos in 40% Capacity

Peru casinos will be reopened with 40% of the capacity, and this has been ensured by the government bodies. A positive signal has been given by the government of Peru to its casino industry that they can reopen their casinos, maintaining the condition of the 40% capacity.

Peru Government

Jose Luis Chicoma, who is the head of the Ministry of Production, has ensured our correspondence with this. The resumption and the operation of the casino are in the part of Supreme Decree under 187-2020-PCM. This also focuses on the 4th phase of the economic recovery after the pandemic as the country has faced a great financial shutdown during the pandemic.

Authorized gambling halls must adhere to the rules of social distances to execute their business. According to the national report, in Peru, there are 750 authorized gambling companies in Peru that are serving their operators with a great reputation.

If all the protocols are maintained and wearing the mask becomes mandatory, we can expect that they can tackle their business even in the pandemic. Disinfectant equipment must be used on a regular basis to ensure the highest safety.

For the surveillance, prevention, and control of the spread of the COVID-19, casino operators have to design a perfect plan from the beginning. Periodic health report will be sent to the government by the slot machine and casino operators so that they can be responsible to the Ministry of Health.

Shopping centers, gyms, theaters, and restaurants can also be opened if they maintain 40% capacity. Necessary steps will be taken against the business, which exceeds the limit of 40% gathering. It is reported that Peru is going to recover its economic loss after a lockdown of nine months.

Gymnasiums and theaters are under these protocols, and they must develop a plan to run their operations caring for the health hazards. Operating protocols for these activities have already been set by the Ministry of Health (Minsa).

Respective organizations must implement these to avoid the spread of coronavirus massively. Chicoma has also provided a hint that everything will be ensured for the benefit of the companies and the workers.

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