Polls Result: Mobile Sports Betting is Supported by Majority and Curfew Ends

Gaming update in New York reveals that mobile sports betting is supported by the majority and it appears all-time high in New York.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo holds an announcement on Thursday on two issues. One is New York Mets logo, and another in New York Yankees.

Siena College Research Institute holds a poll at the latest time and released the finding from the poll in recent time. According to the result of the poll, most votes are put on supporting expand sports betting. The majority of 51 percent voters vote on the issue of expanding betting on sports in the state. This concept was opposed by 30 percent of voters only and the rest 18 percent have no opinions at all.

Mobile sports betting was supported and opposed by 44 percent of voters in February 2019. However, this issue is now getting the highest level of supports right now is also a big deal.

The survey result carries huge importance because at present time the lawmakers in New York are negotiating in the fiscal year budget 2021-2022.

Lawmakers thought of warming the concept, but they need to face and win against Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Because he welcomed the concept, but he also launched his own proposal. According to his proposal, the state should introduce a lottery to continue sports betting. They can make a partnership with one or two operators and then can go for another option such as splitting the proceeds.

The governor’s worry about the government revenues and lawmaker’s plan. It is found through the research that the government will receive only a very small portion of the revenue. This issue creates a hindrance on the way to approver the lawmaker’s plan. The state will receive only 12 percent tax from the mobile operators who will have to pay $12 million for the license.

End of Casino Curfew by Cuomo

Covid-19 curfew was imposed in New York’s and on Wednesday Cuomo announced that the curfew will soon end for New York Moreover Cuomo announced some good news for state casinos. Again, on April 5, all the companies will be able to start their operation at the same hours and venues they were operating before but subject to the seat constraint of only 25 percent.

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