Rank Group Plans To Launch Safe Gambling System

The Rank Group is on the move to take primitive steps in order to ensure a safer gambling experience. The firm has developed a real-time monitoring system in order to follow its motto of the continued rollout of safer gambling measures.

The real-time monitoring system will keep a record of player’s online behavior and identify any trait of gambling adventure and detect which gambler requires intervention.

The Rank Group says the motive is based on “building on real-time player monitoring that has been underway for a number of years.”

The real-time monitoring system focus on players who have high-velocity gambling tendency and most frequently change their gambling behavior. The high-velocity gambling activity cannot be picked up by current safer gambling procedures.

In October 2018, the Rank Group was charged $657,400 in order to fail to comply with the rules that were kept in place to protect the player with addictive gambling tendencies. Given the nature and the length of the investigation, the specifics of the case will not be released to the public.

Rank Group, however, claims that the company has made significant changes in the infrastructure and made maximum use of artificial intelligence to identify potential gambling-related harm. The firm also maintains its database of players who have previously shown any addictive aspects.

The firm claims that they have refined their digital affordability framework to keep track of customer activity on every stage. No matter if the customer has just registered, or recently withdrawn or deposited any amount on the platform, every activity is recorded by the firm.

Director of Customer Services at Rank Group, Liam Smith, said, “We’re very aware that high-velocity play is an area of concern and that’s why we stepped up our focus on addressing this issue over the course of the last year”

“We wanted to better identify changes in behavior, as close to real-time as is possible, to ensure we can support those customers, where appropriate. We’ve been building the desk over a considerable period of time, and it will continue to be refined as we improve our understanding of player behavioral change.”

In recent years, the firm has taken its customer support hub quite seriously and based on the suggestion or the interaction with the customers via support hub, the firm has launched a suite for safe gambling enhancements.

Since the majority of land-based casinos closed due to the surge of Covid-19 cases, many gamblers took interest in the online gambling platform. Incidentally, the number of gamblers even increased during the coronavirus pandemic and their gambling activity increased as well.

Considering the increase in the gambling activity, the firm has includes around-the-clock customer monitoring which is already in operation since the COvid-19 emerged. The company has also increased the employee count to ensure proper functioning.