Shutdown Extends for South Korea Casinos

Casinos of South Korea have reclosed for another session to prevent further infection of coronavirus. However, the shutdown hasn’t forbidden one of the operators from engaging only foreign consumers on Jeju island.

Authorities of South Korea has extended the measure of social distancing in this weekend presently in Seoul, and the rest portion of the nation through Jan 17, 2021. The major Seoul area has reported the bulk of newly infected cases, which has gone over 1,020 last Sunday. Undoubtedly, it’s a worrisome hike from the Saturday report’s 657 cases.

Foreigner-only casino Grand Korea Leisure subsequently proclaimed that three of its Seven Luck-Branded venues in Busan and Seoul were waiting to relaunch on Monday morning-would remain close now until Jan 18.

Paradise Co Ltd. a rival of GKL is a purely personally owned private operator that is now holding its Paradise Walkerhill venue in Seoul closed, however, its Paradise City incorporated resort in Incheon stays open, as does its Jeju island’s Casino Jeju Grand.

There are around eight small scale casinos on the island, which was a major tourist alluring spot before the pandemic attack. About half of these renowned and attractive casinos are now shuttered and the Korean central bank has recently estimated that the gross casino revenue in Jeju for 2020 will likely be less than one-third of that of the previous year.

Desperation of Korea

Between the disapproval of Beijing and the coronavirus, total visitation of the tourists to Jeju in 2020 has fallen to 87.6% from the previous year. This short-term appearance of Jeju seems gravely dire as the county’s announcement about the required COVID tests for all the tourists before setting footsteps on Korean soil.

This can happen out of desperation. Jeju’s local government announced that some of the closed tourist facilities could be allowed to reinitiated their activities at only 30% capacity.

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