Stormy Daniels Implored Mass Assistance to Destroy Former President Trump’s Atlantic City

Stormy Daniels, a popular porn actress, is begging her fans and followers on social media to donate a campaign named GoFundMe to help her push the implosion button for the Atlantic City’s Trump Plaza. This former casino-resort is set for destruction in February. Marty Small, the Mayor of Atlantic City is trying to hold the auction for the concession of pressing the implosion button. Funds created and raised will be propelled to the native Boys and Girls Club.

Stormy Daniels Implored Mass Assistance

The former porn actress had become engulfed in a widely publicized scandal just a few weeks before the presidential election 2016 regarding a hush payment that amounted to around $130K. It is the money she received to remain silent and stop all her accusations relating to her alleged affair with Donald Trump.

Later Daniels retracted all her allegations and was forced to pay Donald Trump $293K in attorney’s fees along with another $1K in approval after a pertaining defamation suit was canceled.

Stormy Daniels, who is now 41-year-old, thinks that she is the most perfect and suitable person to start the demolition of the Trump Plaza. President Trump had been denying having any kind of affair with Stormy Daniels which the actress claims to be in 2006. Michael Cohen, a longtime attorney of Trump, admitted and attested the information about delivering the hush money to Daniels cutting his own pocket.

Cohen had been disbarred and got sentenced to three years in prison in 2018 after asking guilty for tax fraud, campaign finance vandalization, and bank fraud. He also acknowledged telling lies to the Senate committee.

Trump Plaza initiated its journey in 1984 and operated on the Broadwalk of Atlantic City until September 2014. Daniel is not the only celebrity who is observing the demolition of Trump Plaza. The Trump critic, Bette Miller would also take pleasure in bringing down the Trump Casino.


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