Suspect Denied Having a Network with More Suspects

In 2015, A BC lottery Corporation casino dealer was banned for handling-over more than $1 million for Chinese high roller gamblers to a suspected transnational drug dealing organization at River Rock Casino. Paul King Jin, who was suspected of loan sharking, has denied introducing other gamblers.

On Wednesday, the Cullen Commission into money laundering heard from former Vancouver Edgewater Casino worker Qi Coco Li who was linked with Jin, Richmond’s currency exchange, and another suspected loan shark named Kwok Chung Tam. Qi Coco confessed to the RCMP lottery crop of making chip drops and lots of suspicious cash for baccarat players of River Rock Casino.

In 2007, at Edgewater, Li was hired, and then she became addicted to gambling. Then she started playing high roller baccarat in Richmond at River Rock Casino, according to Li. After losing a great amount of money, she went for “Big bosses” in order to bet per hand for an amount of $100,000 at baccarat tables of River Rock from China.

Li claimed that she was involved with those high rollers, and by falsifying her profession in May 2014, she scored a VIP sponsor account of her own. She could remember clearly; she wrote “Housewife” as her profession in the form, even though she was a dealer. No one controlled and supervised her, even not the government. There was no supervision for her, and everyone brought money. Including her, lots of people lost their life savings. She lost her wealth and had to requite her debt for the rest of her life.

Li denied the claim

Gao gave an approximate stack of $1 million in a bag to Li, on 15 April, according to the inquiry record. She provided $300,000 worth of chips to a different gambler before entering the washroom. But she completely denied that she intentionally disobeyed money laundering regulations.

Patel asked her if she had introduced Mr. Xu and his wife to Jin, as stated in the sixth paragraph of the claim. But Li answered she didn’t know Paul Jin. The document stated that she introduced Mr. Paul Jin to a player. But she was telling that under oath that she really didn’t know the person.

This inquiry proceeds this week under the instruction of witness protection guidance.





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