Technological Review Of Continent 8 Continues

The Chief Revenue Officer at Continent 8, Roberta Castle claims that the company has made significant advancements in technology and infrastructure in recent months that allow gaming operators to emerge into the new and developing market in the world.

The announcement of the development and launch of the latest game collection during the launch of a new market more often takes up the headlines. The advancement in the sector’s infrastructure and technology is just as important in the growth of the brand with the additional new varieties.

In order to enter into the gambling market, companies offer players new varieties of game launches and many betting opportunities. Operators are also required to have advanced technology used in their platform and should be compliant with the gambling regulation nurtured by the state government.

Shimon Akad of Playtech describes the US betting market as one of the biggest opportunities for the iGaming industry. The US market is significantly emerging for Continent 8 and customers. He adds, “That’s why we have gone to great lengths to ensure that we are operational in states where required as soon as they go live. We are already established in over 20 states with further sites in the queue to launch. ”

Continent 8 investment began in the US during 2014 and results in the opening of a Tier 3 data center within Atlantic City Convention Centers in New Jersey in the year 2019.

The company offers regulatory approved public cloud in New Jersey that enables compute, storage, and network as a shared platform to customers, with additional regulatory monitoring as in-state and out-state public internet and private MPLS services.

The products and services offered by Continent 8 allow operators to function in confidence and enables them to meet rapidly increasing demands and request for online and sports betting.

Continent 8 is expanding its focus apart from the US market as well. The company is planning to support LatAm-based operators and those who are looking for potential players in the European region and have a low latency network.

To support the expansion of the company a designated team has been assigned that looks into high-level technical resolution.

In May, the company launched its Public Cloud services augmenting services to various regions. The services launched by the company respond to changing market needs and demands for innovation and infrastructure. The Public Cloud services offer by Continent 8 are already live in the Isle of Man, Dublin, Columbia, Montreal, and Atlantic City.

The Public Cloud services of Continent 8 offer multi-tenant, scalable, and resilient IaaS platforms to the customers as Virtual Machines.

In the end, operators require a cutting edge-technology and partners who are familiar with every corner of the iGaming industry. At Continent 8, the company claims to remain dedicated and passionate to provide its services to a higher standard.

Continent 8 claims to develop more designated teas to solely focus on the region of the technical problems faced in the iGaming industry.