Tennessee Sportsbook License Got Suspended out of Anti-money Laundering Precautions

In this week Tennessee Sportsbook Action 24/7 license gets suspended and it will remain suspended until it justifies the fact that all the necessary actions and precautions of anti-money laundering are inappropriate places.

Tina Hodge, President of Action 24/7 defended her company and blame the lottery Board of Tennessee for suspending its sportsbook license temporarily.

According to the claims of Lottery officials of Tennessee necessary deposits were made on credit card fraud and money laundering sites.

On Thursday night the Lottery cooperation board of Tennessee Education temporarily suspend the site. And the initial suspension of the board was confirmed on Friday.

To know the staff, review on the internal control of the company a second vote took by the board as it is the third party’s confirmation.

Huge Fraud Allegation

The amount of money for fraud allegation is huge, probably it could involve hundreds or thousands of dollars of fraud alleged, this is suspected by the sports gaming investor Danny DiRienzo.

During the board meeting, DiRienzo said that it is a serious, serious criminal activity. Because it is a case of credit card fraud and a case of money laundering.

DiRienzo was frustrated because this suspicious activity was detected by Action 24/7 on March 9, but they did not let it know to DiRienzo until March 17.

DiRienzo states that immediate notification is our rule and it’s very specific, but it was not even immediate.

Again, DiRienzo claimed that if the recommendation comes in time, the heinous fraud alert could be triggered and this kind of nefarious activity is possible to stop earlier with the shutdown of accounts.

DiRienzo is doing investigating illegal gambling and money laundering for over two decades in the US secret service. He is experienced enough to handle all these.

The first license of action 24/7 was in January and last November Tennessee Online sports betting started.

In recent days, the highlighting issue for both Action 24/7 and lottery board members is how the suspension decision of the company’s license immediately came the day before starting the NCAA basketball tournament. For wagers, it is a popular event to bet.

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