The falloff in Total winning in Arkansas Casino during Severe Weather Months

All three casinos had experienced a sharp falloff of total winning in February. During this winter weather, all the total winning has reduced significantly.

Compared to the previous month Ark. Southland and the other two Arkansas Casinos have earned less profit in February.

Arkansas Racing Commission released a figure which shows that the combined three casinos own money In February, and the amount is $13 million less than the previous month. Even though bets placed in terminals and sportsbooks, it is not up to the mark. The airports include slot machines and table games etc.

In February, there was deadly winter weather; the temperature in some Arkansas areas was below Zero. Extreme ice and snowfall made traveling unstable in the whole region, including Oklahoma and Texas. Moreover, the living conditions of millions of people get worse due to the power and water outages.

Arkansas casino experienced the most significant drop in their earnings in February due to Southland Casino Racing. In February, the net win was more than $15.69 million earned in the casino and dog track. But this figure is significantly %6.53 million less than January’s win.

During Hot spring total win was $7.64 million at Oaklawn Racing Casino Resort. But in February total win reduce by $2.46 million than in January.

The total net win at Saracen Casino Resort is $6.34 million in February, which was $10.38 million in January. Thus, the real success of this casino also reduces drastically in February.

A Collapse in Sports Betting

The total amount of betting in any sporting event is known as a handle. In February, there is a significant decline in the grip of each casino than in January.

A factor that is responsible for the reduction in sports betting totals is the weather. Extreme weather drives down the totals in betting. Weather is reliable because it did not allow the wager to do gambling in person. Because Arkansas allowed the only stake in person inside the casino to bet, Arkansas did not permit mobile sports betting yet.

In February, the sports betting handle fell significantly at Southland. In January, the total handling amount was $3.7 million, which is $2.3 million in February. January to February reduced the total win amount by $364,102.


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