The Gambling Tax Structure Needs Reformation: Spain Warns

The Ministry of Consumer Affairs made its plan public as Spain is to impose a tax on sports betting operators and gambling.

The Ministry Faces Brick-and-Mortar Venue Challenges

Spain’s Minister of Consumer Affairs shared his department’s plan in a Europe Press Media interview. The Interview was about the necessity of taxation revise on sports betting operators and gambling.  Although there is no definite proposal yet, the Ministry of Finance and Consumer Affairs Ministry of Spain discuss the tax regime’s new formulas.

Brick-and-mortar venues normally raise different challenges. Garzon said that Consumer Affairs Ministry would focus on that. The autonomous government of the country has made all the regulations relating to physical gambling sites. As a result, the legislation differs across various communities. Creating a unified code is the objective that will apply to all the 17 autonomous communities.

At the end of 2020, the initiative got taken to establish a new agency to harmonize the country’s federal gambling rules and standards.

Besides standardized laws, a national self-exclusion scheme aims to create by the federal and a player registry of online gambling. For “Phase 2” of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, this step is a critical part of modifying Spain’s gambling laws.

On gambling, many people spend more hours coping with the adverse situations and effects imposed by the Pandemic. The information has been highlighted by the Head of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs. Establishment’s time opening hour reduced but significantly the potential health problem and its chances increased.

Gambling Turns into a Social Dispute

Among the young population, the physical betting venues are the most preferred entertainment resources in Spain, said Garzon. He also added that they should address and solve the issue immediately as it has become a social issue.

Garzon further added that another major challenge of the city is the leisure model.

In terms of public health, the Pandemic has a negative impact. Garzon concluded his statement by saying that it’s still too early to react.

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