The MGA Licence has been Lost by the Future Pocket Games Software

The Future Pocket Games Software has achieved Mata gaming authority licence, but it didn’t take enough time to lose it. It happened because the software provider company breached the regulations that were to be strictly maintained in the execution of the business operation. The pocket game software was established in 2015. MGA has decided to be so hard against the betting sites for not dealing with the customers maintaining the laws.

Reasons for ban

Necessary steps sir being taken immediately when they are violating any rules or regulations. The journey of the Pocket Games Software started with rapid growth, and approximately 200 employees joined here in 12 months. Their slot offerings quickly expanded worldwide with a unique range of games. In 2017 it got the gaming recognition from Totally Gaming Conference which was held in London.

As MGA has taken the actions against it so it cannot operate any type of gaming operations now. Registering new players is extremely prohibited. It must refund all the players who had already registered and cannot accept any deposits.

MGA has suspended them for various reasons. The authorized person of this betting company failed to show the necessary documents for qualifying purpose in 30 days. The regulatory body also did not get the performance report timely that must have been submitted. The ruling organisation also found that Pocket Games has some notable partnership with the Mafia groups.

From the last 18 months, MGA was very busy to operate a few of the Malta-based companies and to examine their transparency. If proper regulation is not maintained, the gamers will be exploited. To ensure a safe gaming system for the gamblers is imposing these obligations to the licensees.

Because of this incident, the other rogue gaming companies will be alert now, and we hope they will not do any illegal activities to earn more money. It was found that betting sites were used like the ATM of the Mafias, and this report was initiated by the Italian police in the last month. They involve themselves with the money laundering and other terrorism-related activities which were prevented with a strong hand by the law enforcing authority.

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