Ryan Pace Finds His Place as Chairman of the Malta Gaming Authority

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) was on talk on a topic about its possibility to change its Chairman. The gaming regulatory authority had gone through some difficult times over the last couple of years. The ability of the existing Chairman got questioned by concerns. That followed the resignation of the then Chairman.

And now the MGA has chosen Ryan Pace, a lawyer in the profession, to adorn the chair of its Chairman. Pace has served in the Maltese Prime Minster Robert Abela’s law firm, Abela Advocates. Having served for enough time, he has extensive experience in different legal affairs. He got his license in 2018 and had been working for the firm ever since.

Like his work profile, his education history is also rich. He holds a law degree obtained from the University of Malta. He achieved his Bachelor of Laws (LLB) in 2014. Pace got his Diploma of Notary Public in the very next year, 2015. Only a couple of years later, he got his Doctor of Laws degree. It was in 2017.

At first, he started to work with Prime Minister Abela and his wife, Lydia, who is a partner in the law firm. This collaboration happened in 2015 while he was still studying for his degree.

Though Pace’s name has been added to the Board of Governor’s lists, the regulator still hasn’t officially announced his appointment in any of its statements. Also, the regulatory hasn’t detailed his responsibilities yet.

Pace is also a Labour Party member and activist. He got on the role of MGA’s Deputy Chairman. However, some news has revealed that people part of the Malta Gaming Industry expressed their concerns over this appointment. The concern is mainly about Pace’s age. The concerned group is suspicious of Pace’s experience and skill to run such a large board.

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