To Empower Offer and Enhance Data Collection FlightScope Services Bought by IMG ARENA 

IMG ARENA acquired the FlightScope services to integrate the company’s cutting-edge data-collecting technology into the sports portfolio of IMG. Flight scope provides the benefits of audio-visual production, data collection, and golf and tennis specialist in tracking technology. On the other hand, IMG ARENA includes the content hub and sports betting service.

To provide additional goods and services to the right holders and federations, FlightScope Services will use by IMG ARENA. To the rightsholders and the unions, the technology offers more products. In the United States, with big names, IMG ARENA has running commercial partnership, including BetMGM.

IMG ARENA Offering FlightScope Integration

Under the continued supervision of Wojtek Szumilas and Jacek Gronek, Poland and Gliwice based will wholly integrate FlightScope services with IMG ARENA offerings. Roughly alone, with 160 employees, they will join IMG ARENA.

As a VP of Rightsholder services in the IMG ARENA team, Gronek joins. And now the head of the technology is Szumilas.

To bring the cutting-edge technology service of FlightScope to other companies’ sports portfolio, considerable funds and resources will be devoted by IMG ARENA. The sports portfolio includes basketball, volleyball, football, and other major US sports.

Under the latest Rightsholder solutions pillar of IMG ARENA, to offer services to rightsholders and federations and additional products, the company will use the service of FlightScope.

IMG ARENA’s Managing Director, Freddie Longe, said that for IMG ARENA, this acquisition is fascinating. The growth strategy’s fundamental part is the FlightScope Services integration. For our new Rightsholder solutions, this integration provides the launch and superb growth strategy.

On Existing Tech Building and Improving

He added further, including content management, development, automated and manual and operational efficiency, to strengthen the services of the rightsholders through this new pillar.

Through the data advancement and audio-video assets, IMG ARENA’s fan interaction creativity will expand. Fan interaction includes for right holders and federations business and content possibilities across the portfolio of the company.

Since 2013, FlightScope services has an extensive partnership with IMG ARENA. Across multiple sports, IMG ARENA will be able to expand its portfolio of technology and best-in-class services.

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