EEH Becomes the Official Sponsor of BTS CS: GO

Vie. Bet has agreed to become the official sponsor to BTSD CS: GO tournament. The EEG sports betting company has officially announced it today.

The tournament will take place all across South America and North America. All regional and national television channels will cover the tournament. The previous BTS CS attracted over 6 million viewers. The CS:GO tournament attracted more than 19 million viewers.

The expansion of BTS’ popularity has spread over 110 countries. It boasts over 5 million followers on social media. To leverage such large popularity, EEG (Esports Entertainment Group) has decided to be tournament’s official sponsor. EEG is an online sports betting company based in Malta.

Live Odds and Specials

From May 14 to May 30, 2021, the online tournament of BTS CS: GO scheduled to take place. Through Vie. Bet, it is to be featured as the former one has become the exclusive betting partner. Throughout the event, it will see the specials and live odds of the brand.

Director of Vie. bet, Bux Syed stated that BTS had produced the Summit and triggered excitement across all sports communities. The viewers from all over the world are now attracted to the event’s uniqueness whether its Dota 2, CS: GO or Smash Bros. For this event has been partnered with BTS and the director and his team are very excited.

On a global scale, among the most major e-sports networks, BTS cuts a good place. It’s the all-time 5th most-viewed Twitch channel. It has over 20 billion lifetime minutes watched of it. In more than 110 countries, via the digital and linear channel, it broadcasts its contents. With over 5 million followers, the social media reach expands.

Targeting the Audiences of North and South America

Officially the CS: GO audiences in North and South America is the target audience for EEG and BTS partnership. In Portuguese and English, the esports event in North and South America will be broadcasted by BTS.

Over 6.4 million unique viewers attracted the Twitch platform in the previous BTS’s CS: Go tournament edition. During the last edition, the total live event views account for 19.3 million. During peak times on Twitch, the number of concurrent viewers is 236,000, while 47,000 is the average number of viewers.

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