To World Poker Tour NFT Marketplace, Theta Labs Debut

In collaboration with Theta Labs in the marketplace, World Poker Tour is launching its dedicated NFT (Non-fungible token) ahead of the beginning of Season XVIII. At the starting of season XVIII at the NFT marketplace, the World Poker Tour will launch. To Mike Sexton (the late Poker Legend), the first NFT auction will pay tribute.

With collaboration with Theta Labs, the marketplace of WPT’s NFT developed. For media and entertainment companies, the NFT tech company is specializing.

At World Poker Tour, NFT Arrives

As part of the exclusive partnership to develop the NFT marketplace for the first real-time video delivery network designed as WPT and Theta Labs teamed up.

On April 18, Sunday, the event begins nationwide on Bally Sports Networks; it will air. Across Europe and North America, with the viewer approximately 140 million, to tap into a dominant market is a golden opportunity for Theta and WPT. On digital assets, the market may be ready to spend money.

From the entertainers, athletes NFTs is attracting investment and has tremendous success in it. To the NFT marketplace, the direct spectators of WPT are moving forward in the promotional segment and in-show advertisement.

So far, for managing the marketplaces of NFT, there have been two ways. One, in auctions, to run high-value assets and try to sell for the most significant value, and the second is digital asset’s limited ownership.

Get Your Legendary NFT Now

Resonating with the technologically savvy audience and creating revenue streams, WPT seems to be going down on both roads. As a tribute to Mike Sexton, “Mike Sexton: The Legend Hand” will the first auction token. In September 2020, Mike Sexton passed away.

The total token for the auction is three. Also, to get players started, a limited legendary and rare themes poker pack the organization will run.

Adam Plishka of World Poker Tour welcomed the news and comment on the latest developments.

“ on of the biggest digital initiatives of us is to launch NFT exclusive with Theta Network. And for the first time, on the reach of live televised poker we’re combining with an NFT marketplace”.


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