Trump Plaza Falls as Atlantic City Demolishes the Former Casino

Ending all the dramas, confusions, and concerns regarding Trump Plaza, the former president’s flagship property in the Atlantic City got demolished last week.

The Atlantic City is renowned and widely celebrated as a home to several of the most valued and best casinos in the world. It has rooms for popular and revered names like Borgata, Tropicana, Bally’s, and many others. Among them, Trump Plaza was just a failed venture of Donald Trump, and it showed no sign of activities or promise for the future. So, the Atlantic City authority leveled the plaza, making it only a ground floor facility.

The Trump Plaza was sold by Donald to one of his regular property buyers, billionaire Carl Icahn in 2016. It was the year Trump entered the White House office. Carl Icahn also bought Donald’s another property Taj Mahal which had been refurbished and turned into a Hard Rock Casino. This casino has still been standing high to this day and booming for its performance.

Scandalous History of Trump Plaza

The former history of Trump Plaza is to do with the release of Home Alone 2. It was 1985, and Donald Trump made an appearance in that movie. Only a year before, in 1984, he inaugurated trump Plaza only to close it after merely 30 years. Before being shut, the casino earned a reputation of being the worst or at least one of the worst casinos in Atlantic City.

The property even got derailed from its demolition plan as the authority decided to sell the controlled implosion’s rights in an auction for charity purposes. Icahn intervened with the party by making an arrangement to demolish the entire plaza by donating the Boys & Girls Club $175,000.

While the craze to watch Trump Plaza fall has been suppressed with this demolition, but the Trump fans seem not happy with it.

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