Twin River Casino Offers 24 Hours Active Operation

Twin River Casino has returned with 24/7 operations for the gamers. This is working as the positive sign for the Rhode Island as Twin River Casino Hotel is considered as the largest venue for gaming here which can execute its business operation for 24 hours now. The move has been started after the lifting of the long curfew that was prevalent for a week. Due to the pandemic regarding Covid-19, the restaurants and bars were restricted for months to serve the customers with their services.

The timeframe of Twin River Casino

The General Manager and the Vice President of Craig Sculos has implemented a phased re-opening to be back into the slot gaming and to begin there around the clock operation. But, they will not be able to run their 24/7 table games until Thursday. But up to that time, they are open until midnight.

According to Sculos, the property will be operated from a gaming standpoint which means its operation will be active for seven days with 24 hours timeframe. The restaurants and the bars of the Casinos will also return to the usual hours, which may offer some late-night facilities too. But he also emphasizes that the rules regarding wearing masks and receiving half of the visitors of the whole capacity will be kept active. He also added that the Casino owners are very happy to have the casinos open. For this, they are thankful to the administration as they have thought about economic growth and lifted the curfew. Casino owners were undergoing throw a huge hardship, and if the lockdown would not be lifted recently, they had to go through a huge financial loss which would also keep an impact on the national financial growth. They are very grateful to this step of the government as they can open the casinos again. But it does not mean that they are going to neglect safety by neglecting the health rules. To ease out the safety is regarded as the compromise to the spread of the viruses.

Players should be checked with body temperature with a continuous process. They have arranged the plexiglass between the slots of two different players to ensure the safety at first.