Victorian Gaming Investigation Continues and Crown Resorts to Pay Massive Fine

Crown resorts for violating the junket operations related gaming rules has fined over $770,000. The Victorian gaming regulators levied the fine, and it still investigations the process of the company. It is the maximum penalty for Gambling and Liquor Regulation which can issue by the Victorian Commission.

Over the years, a trail of bad decisions has left by the Crown Resorts, leading to its right operating questionability in Australia. A history investigation continues, and it uncovered the additional missteps, and the company continue to pay. The company pays continuously for decades for institutional mismanagement. Via the Victoria government, the latest comes, and in Crown’s background, it’s still conducting its deep drive. The Crown for not following the junket operations rules is now on the hook for $774,000.

Again, the Hot Seat is Crown Melbourne

The target of the fine of the VGGLR is the Crown Melbourne’s Crown in Victoria. Under the gaming rules of Victoria, it’s the largest allowed. Last October, the regulator issued a “just cause” notice and asked why it should not discipline. In essence, the Crown had not performed necessary due diligence, and it alleged in the complaint. It worked with certain junkets and before maintaining and entering into the agreement if failed to follow the due diligence. The regulator argued that this was the gaming regulations direct violations.

Until the VGGLR can show that it has implemented new policies, Crown will not work with junkets. The new policy will ensure that the rules and regulations the company can adhere to properly. However, from many junkets, the Crown has distanced itself already with which it used to work. So, a great deal of the company won’t impact by this. The VGGLR, in its announcement, added about the fine. However, to ensure that the Melbourne Crown casino remains free from exploitation and criminal influence, a robust process needs to implement. These legislated regulatory requirements are strict, and Crown repeatedly failed in this area.

On the Way Possibly More Trouble

As the investigation continuously run by the VGGLR, the Victoria government involved in its own, as is others and AUSTRAC. However, to look into the legitimacy of the Crown, a Royal Commission launched by Victoria follows the New South Wales determination. Moreover, to operate casinos, the company is unsuitable.


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