Where Curacao Gaming License Differs from Malta’s

The Caribbean island nation Curacao seems to be on the top of the operator’s choice when it comes to getting an iGaming license. Malta, a Mediterranean island country, is not too far away in that race of popularity. However, both those island countries have some differences in their offerings to the operators. One of the prime differences is in the provided coverage by the license. While having a single Curacao license can cover all types of gaming activities, the Malta license happens to show some deviations in B2C licenses.

Some Differences in Curacao and Malta Licenses

As of 2018, when the iGaming regulations had been restructured for the first time, it didn’t require the license applicants to fill separate applications for different licenses, but some jurisdictions required operators to pay separate license fees on each license they applied for. This makes a major distinction between these two island’s jurisdictions. When a single license issued by Curacao allows operators to conduct all sorts of betting activities, MGA licensees have to pay differently for having each casino item like for RNG games, licensees will pay 25,000 euro, for sports betting, they will pay 25,000 euro more. Likewise, to serve poker and other fantasy sports, they have to pay another 25,000 and 10,000 euros, respectively.

In comparison, a single Sub-license allows operators to have all four licenses for one’s price. After this price difference for acquiring licenses, another key factor where MGA licenses can’t keep their pace with that of Curacao is demanded tax. Depending on the types of their held licenses, MGA license holders have to pay contribution money for compliance which amounts to 15,000 euros and gets capped at 375,000 euros. In addition to that, they also have to pay around 5% tax on revenues earned from any Malty residents. Whereas Curacao licensees pay a nominal amount on their net gains, and this feature makes Curacao the best choice for casinos with limited resources.

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