With their grand slots game Andy & Lucas, MGA Games say goodbyes to 2020

MGA is starting the new slot game in the Spanish Celebrities series of the MGA Games featuring Spanish music icons.

Once again, MGA Games is one step further, offering an exclusively filmed slot game with music and live vocals by the famous Spanish pop duo Andy & Lucas.

MGA Games say goodbye to 2020 with their fantastic slots Andy & Lucas

MGA Games ended the year with a real blockbuster with only a few weeks to go until 2020 – the start of its newest slot game in the Spanish series of celebrities, Andy and Lucas.

The sensational production, which the firm, specialists in local slots creation for global operators, makes it possible to close the challenging year with a high level of entertainment and unique content in the best way possible.

Cadiz’s renowned pop-duo Andy & Lucas, Andy Morales, and Lucas Gonzales are the protagonists in the latest MGA Games slot game with their millions of fans throughout Spain and the Spanish-speaking world.

MGA Games has had the pleasure of cooperating with the famous pop duo who, as an essential part of the project, helped ensure what we believe to be a successful final development for this musical adventure and new installation in the Spanish Celebrities collection.

Songs from their live concerts that have brought success and accomplishment to Andy & Lucas, such as “Son de amores” or “Tanto la deseo,” have been included in a game of audio. Besides, MGA Games offers a particular version for bonuses, awards, and advances, particularly for the Andy & Lucas business, in line with its philosophy of always moving one step further.

This slots game comprises four fun mini-games that will allow the user to revive the initial music duo’s stages and their success in Spain. The Termite 2.0 mini spiel, which recalls an interview with Andy & Lucas in the popular TV talk show, will offer users an excellent time! They will return to Cuba with the musical duo for international achievements in various Latin American countries. They will be seen at the FC football stadium in Cádiz, where the team with whom they wrote the 100-year-old song can also be heard in the miniature game.

MGA Games said farewell to 2020 at the top of their game with Andy & Lucas, which was predicted to be an excellent year for the company in 2021.

Andy & Lucas is available from Monday, 14 December, on all devices and big online casinos in Spain.

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