Workers of M Resort Laid Off after Furloughs at Navajo

One of the latest casino operators is Penn National Gaming which is to lay off its employees with just words this current week that 159 workers are being cut off at Henderson, M Resort Casino in Nevada.

The M Resort’s furlough happened on Monday after other pandemic related layoffs at multiple casinos and companies and gaming operations of tribes. The most crucial ones were at MGM Resorts. MGM formally closed about 18,000 employee’s profiles from their company as a response to the difficult time evoked by the pandemic coronavirus.

The Tropicana is another company located in Las Vegas Valley and furloughed almost 702 employees in only October. In last month, the company planned to furlough 132 more employees between December’s end and into this current month.

Additionally, last week, different gaming properties operated by the Navajo Nation said that they have planned to layoff over 1,100 employees also due to the pandemic. The tribal native American operates 4 casinos in New Mexico and Arizona.

The tribe has over 1,200 workers. With even laying off all these employees, companies and tribes are not entirely sure that they can avert permanent closure. Even some are expecting more layoffs in the upcoming days.

All the Blame Goes to Pandemic Virus

A representative of the Penn National Gaming ensured that the layoffs at the M Resorts were a consequence of the pervasive coronavirus and relatively a smaller number of visitors.

Entertainment scopes at land-based gaming properties are also highly curtailed. Multiple Las Vegas casinos and hotels have closed for a short time during the mid-week because of the lower reservation of rooms. Once lucrative traditions have been abolished in Las Vegas for the projected risk of the pandemic virus.

Penn National has formed an Emergency Relief Fund for all its employees. The fund approximately $2.7 million as of the last December.

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